Ellison Bronze Employee Directory


Roger Overend, President & CEO
Email: roverend@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x260


James Chau, Purchasing Manager
Email: jchau@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x281


Bill Emerson, VP Finance/CFO
Email: bemerson@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x251

Deanna Goodwill, Accounting Manager
Email: dgoodwill@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x250

Sue Pascatore, Contracts Manager
Email: spascatore@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x249

Robyn Paxton, HR Manager
Email: rpaxton@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x255

Jillian Kissinger, Receptionist
Email: jkissinger@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x200


Tracy Hultin, VP Sales/Marketing
Email: thultin@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x258

Angela Ecklund, Inside Sales Manager 
Email: aecklund@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x254

David Crandall, Estimator
Email: dcrandall@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x253


John Donahue, Chief Engineer
Email: jdonahue@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x259

Jim McGee, Engineering Foreman
Email: jmcgee@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x277


David Levan, Production Manager
Email: dlevan@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x256

Matthew Kirkpatrick, Plant Manager
Email: mkirkpatrick@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x269

Parts & Service

Marty Ericsson, Parts & Service Manager
Email: mericsson@ellisonbronze.com
Phone: 800.665.6445 x257


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Mark A. Graves

Ellison Bronze has lost an outstanding leader. Those of us who have been fortunate to know and work with Mark have also lost a dear friend. Mark’s tremendous impact on Ellison Bronze will be felt for generations to come, as his spirit of excellence, innovation, and teamwork continues to guide Ellison Bronze into the future.

An Open Letter from
the Board of Directors