Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Formed Stainless Steel

Chicago Cut Steakhouse, owned and operated by two steakhouse veterans, is located in a dazzling space along the Chicago River. In order to put flair back into Chicago’s upscale restaurant scene, the owners strived for a modern twist on the traditional steakhouse setting. Modernity begins at the front door with a stainless steel Ellison balanced entryway. The steel pillars that line the walkway leading up to the steakhouse entrance convey a theme that needed to be matched. Luckily, Ellison doors can be constructed to suit any architect’s design concept.

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Mark A. Graves

Ellison Bronze has lost an outstanding leader. Those of us who have been fortunate to know and work with Mark have also lost a dear friend. Mark’s tremendous impact on Ellison Bronze will be felt for generations to come, as his spirit of excellence, innovation, and teamwork continues to guide Ellison Bronze into the future.

An Open Letter from
the Board of Directors