WMS Gaming

Formed Stainless Steel

WMS Gaming had its start in classic popular pinball machines and video arcade games. Now, WMS Gaming’s Corporate Headquarters, a LEED Platinum office building, is outfitted with progressive entryways as well. The design of this new 120,000 sq. ft., five-story building earned certification by efficiently reducing operating costs by 28% – contributing to a more sustainable environment for its occupants.

With its ultramodern appearance, the WMS Gaming headquarters’ flashy entrance hub is now equipped with two pairs of Ellison balanced formed stainless steel doors, fully functional with PowerNow accessibility. The doors’ reflective steel rails and glass panels match the building’s exterior precisely for one cohesive visual.

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Mark A. Graves

Ellison Bronze has lost an outstanding leader. Those of us who have been fortunate to know and work with Mark have also lost a dear friend. Mark’s tremendous impact on Ellison Bronze will be felt for generations to come, as his spirit of excellence, innovation, and teamwork continues to guide Ellison Bronze into the future.

An Open Letter from
the Board of Directors