Durability, Meet Design

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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From the moment they begin designing a building, architects are charged with maintaining a balancing act amongst multiple considerations. They seek to give the structure its own look and feel, one that is memorable and pleasing to the eye. They also know that it is critical to specify warranted building products that deliver functionality and long-term durability.

When it comes to entryways and doors, there is one name that architects and designers have been relying on for nearly a century to deliver both aesthetic appeal and durability: Ellison Bronze.

Ellison balanced doors are selected by architects across the world for their innovative balanced design, but they are also a first choice because they last for decades.

Durability on Display

While many traditional commercial doors on the market are prone to damage and require replacements when installed in high-traffic spaces, Ellison balanced doors are made from the highest-quality materials and designed to withstand decades of wear and tear. The door’s balanced design also helps them outlast traditional hinged doors. It allows the door to open at two-thirds width, which minimizes opening force requirements, reduces leaf projection, and eliminates lateral stress.

In addition, Ellison balanced doors and all balanced hardware mechanisms are cast, crafted, formed, and uniquely constructed in house from the finest materials. That means that the company will always have the correct replacement part should the need arise, and it will be created by adhering to the same quality standards that were used the first time.

You Design Your Doorway

At Ellison’s Falconer, NY, facility, there are no assembly lines recreating the same one-size-fits-all door for multiple projects. Instead, Ellison balanced doors are designed to an architect’s precise needs and can be customized to create a truly one-of-a-kind look like at the Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum in Minneapolis or Market Square Tower in Houston.

The entry to a commercial structure is a focal point for visitors, so it is important that the door helps shape the identity of the building. Ellison provides a range of high-quality door options such as bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and wood that give architects near limitless design freedom. Custom-crafted design options – including custom colors, shapes, and sizes – combined with longevity and durability allows architects to deliver the perfect entryway and a strong first impression to anyone entering the space.

The Perfect Combination

Ellison Bronze’s hard-earned reputation as the industry leader in balanced door production has remained intact for nearly a century thanks to the company’s dedication to both design and durability. It is a delicate balance of hand-crafted door making and the industry’s latest manufacturing technologies to deliver what today’s architects want and need: A door they can confidently put their name behind for any commercial entryway they design.



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