A Superior Solution: Why Architects and Building Owners Choose Ellison Bronze

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Architects know that every detail on a structure must meet exacting criteria for look, feel, function, operation, and performance. Each new project requires unique products and materials, so it is important for architects to have relationships with trusted manufacturers that offer custom-designed architectural products.

This includes the doors on commercial structures.

Consider that doors serve as the first physical interaction that users have with a building. Making a memorable first impression is important. Custom-designed doors often have enhanced visual appeal, which means they can transform the entryway into a key piece of the building’s signature and attract the attention of visitors.

Because of the heavy foot traffic in and out of commercial buildings, doors that will stand the test of time need to be a key consideration for architects. With some commercial buildings having dozens or even hundreds of doors, finding a solution that can meet all the criteria of multiple entryways is ideal. For the main entrances, architects and building owners often seek custom-crafted doors made from durable materials that offer high-end aesthetics and long-term functionality.

Typically, a standard hinge door will not meet this obligation.

Choosing the right commercial door is important for building owners and architects, and selecting an expert manufacturer can have a direct impact on the long-term performance of an entrance system.

The Architect’s Advantage

When the everyday person thinks “architect,” the first thing that comes to mind might be a big New York City skyscraper, or vignettes of eye-catching shapes, textures, and colors on a commercial building exterior. However, some of the most critical decisions for architects come down to the fine details, such as selecting doors that will meet both the performance and aesthetic criteria of the building.

In fact, architects don’t just see doors as an open and shut case. They understand that doors can be an opportunity to make a creative splash. They want to work with an experienced manufacturer that is willing to take their vision and make it a reality.

Partnering with Ellison Bronze affords them such design freedom.

Consider the brilliantly-designed doors at Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas. It features three pairs of custom-balanced doors by Ellison Bronze. They create eye-catching, striking entryways to one of the city’s tallest luxury residential high-rises, which serves as the preferred address for people seeking urban living in a growing metropolitan area.

Specifying high-end doors can be made easier with the help of Ellison Bronze and their experienced team. Working with Ellison can ensure that the wants and needs of an architect are met, from the initial planning of entrances to material and door style selection.

Rather than being mass produced on an assembly line, each Ellison door is custom-crafted to an architect’s exact specification. This means that virtually any request made by an architect can be fulfilled. With a variety of materials, finishes, and styles to choose from, architects can deliver ultramodern entrance systems with stainless steel; old-school, big bronze doors for a vintage look; or let the light in with narrow stile balanced doors complete with a sheet of tempered glass.

Long-Term Owner Satisfaction

A common concern for a building owner is whether they are investing in high-quality materials that will deliver long-term durability. Choosing Ellison Bronze puts these concerns to rest.

The standard life span for a traditional high-traffic commercial entry door is ten years. The anticipated durability of Ellison doors far surpasses that. Ellison balanced doors are intended to last for the life of the building. In fact, some of the very first Ellison doors installed in the 1930s are still in operation to this day.

Beyond using top-grade materials to ensure long-lasting performance, an Ellison balanced door’s design delivers much higher durability in comparison to a traditional hinge door. With those doors, gravity places consistent pressure on the hinges. When combined with continuous operation, this generates significant wear and tear over time. Balanced doors manufactured by Ellison open at two-thirds width, which translates to an elimination of lateral stress. In addition, by pre-assembling and hanging the doors before they leave the factory, Ellison quite literally tests each door beforehand, giving craftsman an opportunity to pre-adjust and perfect the door’s operation before it is installed.

Moreover, Ellison maintains complete records of every door they have ever created, including designs and all casting molds. Because the doors are custom made, this provides peace of mind for building owners should the need for a replacement part ever arise.

Ultimately, for owners and managers of commercial buildings – luxury multi-family high rises, educational facilities at prestigious universities, and downtown corporate and mixed-use structures – Ellison custom balanced doors are made to provide a lifetime of beauty and effortless operation.

The Choice Is Yours

An architect’s reputation is dependent on the success of their projects. By selecting reputable, industry-leading manufacturers such as Ellison Bronze, architects can ensure satisfaction for building owners and occupants.

With a time-honored commitment to superior quality and innovation, Ellison stands behind its custom balanced doors as an investment that lasts a lifetime.

Seeking an innovative solution for your next commercial entryway project? Reach out to our team and experience the quality, service, and dedication of Ellison Bronze for yourself.



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